A high-quality website is the center of any practice’s marketing system on the web. Done right, it can make the difference between generating a flood of qualified leads, or being invisible on the internet.

But this is easier said than done. This requires a team of expert marketers, deep industry knowledge, and precise marketing skills. The result is that many practices have a website, but very few of them actually produce results. 

How do you build a custom website which conveys the practice’s unique personality, creates real leads which convert into new patients, generates traffic due to ranking at the top of Google and provides the important information users need? And how does a practice get this website built without consuming the owner’s time or requiring immense effort from the staff? 

The answer to this is Uplift Marketing’s proprietary Showcase Website Package.


What Is the Showcase Website Package?

We’re not trying to mass-produce websites; we’re building high-quality sites that adhere to industry best practices at a great value. With each website, our goal is to fulfill four different criteria:

  • Marketing Strategy. We want our websites to achieve each client’s marketing objectives, resulting in conversions, leads, and sales.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our websites are built with SEO in mind. While SEO is always an ongoing battle, building a site with the basics of proper SEO at the beginning can make all the difference in the world to help ensure traffic does arrive from search engines.
  • Design. We want to incorporate a design that is an excellent representation of the company, adhering to proper branding and leaving visitors with a great first impression.
  • Performance. We design our websites to achieve solid technical performance so they are quick, rank well, and provide a good user experience.

Turnkey Website Solutions for Your Practice

Our Showcase Website Package provides a comprehensive website that reflects the practice brand and distinguishes it from the competition without taking up the owner’s time or the staff’s.

Showcase Website Details and Features

Our Showcase Websites are custom-built, with proper SEO and security best practices incorporated from the start. All our websites include 100% original content based on interviews with the practice leadership, followed by a custom design unique to each client’s needs.

Our websites include:

  • Individual interviews with practice leadership to understand each client’s exact needs. These interviews are recorded and transcribed for later reference when writing the copy in order to preserve the exact words of the client. 
  • Custom digital marketing best practices and strategy built into the website planning to ensure the website has the best chance of generating leads and sales.
  • A total of 5,000 words of professional copywriting to convey exactly the right message. These will be distributed throughout the website according to the best judgment of our veteran copywriters. 
  • Approximately 15-20 individual static web pages of high-quality, highly customized content. The total number of pages will vary depending on the sitemap that was constructed by our copy team and the amount of copy required on each page.
  • Custom SEO strategy built in, with detailed keyword research at the outset of the project. 
  • Custom design based on the office’s exact branding and ideals. 
  • Any stock photos necessary to build the site (though we recommend utilizing as many actual photos of the practice as possible as this typically makes a much better website).
  • Use of the industry-leading WordPress content management system (CMS), allowing future expansion, blog posts, etc.
  • Training to ensure the office staff know the basics of how to use the WordPress platform such as posting blogs, adding pictures, etc.
  • Integration of your email marketing system into the website. 

Our Showcase Website Process

Our Showcase Website process is a streamlined series of steps that require minimal involvement from the practice owner and staff. Here’s how it works:

  1. Owner Interview. We start by conducting an in-depth interview with you, the owner (and any co-owners), to establish your specific objectives for the site, preferences and expectations.
  2. SEO Analysis. Our SEO specialist then performs a detailed analysis of keywords to use in your specific locality for your offerings and target market to make you highly visible in local Google searches. 
  3. Site Outline. With all pertinent information to hand, our content strategist formulates a custom marketing strategy for your site. That entails establishing the right message and determining the ideal way to structure your site. She puts this information in a concise summary for your approval.
  4. Graphic Design. Our professional design team then embarks on creating a state-of-the-art site design that reflects your practice brand and personality.  We send you sample mockups for your approval.
  5. Custom Copywriting. Our content team writes the site content using the appropriate messaging, keywords, “hot buttons” and voice for your practice. 
  6. Web Development. This is the highly technical process of using computer code to convert a great-looking design, custom content  and SEO research into a gorgeous, functioning, interactive site on the web
  7. Sign-off. We present you with your final site and provided you love it, we’ll consider the site development done.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Add-On Option

For a nominal monthly fee, Uplift Marketing will also provide ongoing hosting and maintenance includes for your site. This includes regular performance and security updates and plugins and all hosting fees for the site (excluding domain name fees). It also includes minor text or image updates, such as adding a new name to the About page or changing a phone number (the equivalent of 15-30 minutes per month).

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