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Uplift Marketing

a marketing & branding foundry



Our websites aren’t just gorgeous—they’re built to create real leads and make sales.

Blogging & Social Media

Reach out, connect and build real relationships with your prospects.

Printing Marketing

Plan. Create. Print. Mail. We handle print campaigns from start to finish.

Branding & Messaging

Stand out from the crowd with high-end branding services.

Writing & Graphic Design

Powerful writing. Gorgeous artwork. Get your message across—beautifully.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

Grow sales and generate leads with tailor-made marketing strategies and consulting.

Growth & Strategic Planning

Take your business to the next level with expert strategic planning

Business Troubleshooting

Streamline operations, management and internal organization with laser-precise troubleshooting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals.

We create high-impact marketing strategies that get real results. We craft artistic and sweepingly beautiful messages which uplift and inspire.

We’re consultants. We’re artists. We’re marketers.

We want to tell people how cool the world is. We want to tell people how many incredible individuals there are and how bright the future is. We want to tell the truth.

We want to tell your story.


Business insights and marketing basics in plain English.

Empty Streets from Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Order

Surviving Economic Lockdown: Real-World Strategies for Small Business Owners

April 13, 2020

by Matt Hanses Never in recent memory have small business owners had to overcome the problems they face in today’s economy. Sure, there have been slumps before. But businesses have…

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Growth Hacking For Businesses That Don’t Want to Grow

June 26, 2015

Originally published by Matt Hanses on YouTube was launched in February of 2005. Less than two years later, it sold for $1.65 billion; and barely a decade after Mark…

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The Genuine Nobility of Marketing and Sales

June 5, 2015

Everyone needs leads. Everyone needs new business. Like it or not, we live an economic society. We can talk about being “mission driven” or not being “sales oriented.” However, if…

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