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Free Branding Consultation

With thousands of competitors and a hurricane of conflicting messages being shouted at your prospects every day, how do you get noticed? How do you make a genuine connection with someone?

This is the subject of branding.

Branding doesn’t just mean having a logo or a color scheme. It isn’t dreaming up a clever name. Branding is about conveying a message. It’s about communication.

All your marketing has to align to one basic message. Your logo, your colors, your fonts, even your writing style, all have to convey one thing: YOU.

Effective branding gets at the heart of who you are and what your company’s mission is. It’s way more than a slogan. It’s communicating the essence of what your company stands for so people will instantly understand it and recognize you.

In our Free Branding Consultation, we’ll look over your marketing from the perspective of communication: What is it saying? What image does it portray? What is it telling your prospects? We’ll compare this to what you actually should be communicating to your prospects to get your message across.

During the Free Branding Consultation, we’ll do the following:

  • Review your company’s overall internet footprint.
  • Analyze your corporate identity, image and brand.
  • Look at the message your marketing conveys to see if it matches the idea you’re trying to get across. 
  • Identify ineffective communication or messaging in your current marketing.
  • Create a report of steps you should take to improve your branding and messaging.

Connect with your prospects. Add power and impact to your marketing.
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