CASE STUDY: Elevating a Midwest Chiropractic Brand with Custom Videography and Web Design

Based in America’s Heartland, Advanced Chiropractic Services is a high-end chiropractic office founded by Chris Wertin, D.C. An elite, award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Wertin spent years researching and developing his own highly effective treatment modality—a modality which would ultimately attract patients from across the country.

Although word of mouth was the primary source of Dr. Wertin’s new patients, he was reluctant to trust his practice growth to word of mouth alone. As a result, he decided to bolster his online presence and turned to Uplift Marketing for help. We were happy to assist.

Distinguishing a Chiropractic Practice from the Competition

Advanced Chiropractic faced the same challenge as other private practice owners—how to distinguish their practice from others that offered similar, if not identical, services? In Dr. Wertin’s case, this point was even more imperative considering his care truly was one of a kind.

Our Process: Custom Website and Video Creation

Based on in-depth interviews with Dr. Wertin, our own digital marketing expertise and experience with private practices, we recommended this two-pronged approach: 

  1. Create a fresh new website with custom design and copy to accurately and engagingly convey the doctor’s unique brand, and 
  2. Take advantage of the immense popularity of online video by shooting a custom brand story video for the practice.

With Dr. Wertin’s blessing on our plan, we organized the project so that the creative team could work on the brand story while our content team started on the new website.

1. Shooting a Chiropractor’s Brand Story Video

The creative team began planning the brand story shot list based on interviews with Dr. Wertin and video marketing best practices. The team’s objective was to effectively relay Dr. Wertin’s story and core values in three to four minutes—anything longer would lose viewers. The plan was to shoot footage of Dr. Wertin, a few key staff and some happy patients describing their successes. Because authenticity was paramount, no scripts were used. Instead, a series of questions was devised for each person to answer spontaneously on camera. After arranging all logistics, we sent a professional videographer to the practice for a one-day shoot.

We then edited the raw video footage, including sound, into a polished professional brand story video with an opening and closing sequence, motion graphics, text and music. Here’s a frame of Dr. Wertin telling his story:

To add action shots, we included scenes of Dr. Wertin working with patients like the one below:

We also shot Dr. Wertin’s associate chiropractors (all of whom are trained on his clinical approach) treating patients, as you can see below:

To give a feel for the airy offices and friendly staff, we included shots of a patient being welcomed to the practice by the front desk:

For the ultimate in social proof, we had patients give glowing yet heartfelt testimonials about Advanced Chiropractic Services’ care:

In the end, we had a touching three-and-a-half minute brand story video which also showcased the practice’s services and results. We placed the video on the practice site and also recommended other uses for it in content and social media marketing.

2. Building a Branded Chiropractor Website with Built-In SEO

As the brand story video got underway, our website development team dove into custom development process:

  • Client interview. Our process began with a comprehensive interview of Dr. Wertin to determine his objectives for the site, learn all about the practice’s services and establish the messaging.
  • Keyword analysis: Our SEO specialist then conducted an in-depth analysis of popular keywords used in Dr. Wertin’s geographic area and relative to his services. The analysis shed light on how to best structure the site and its content to boost the site’s visibility in local SEO search results.
  • Website planning: With all the necessary info to hand, we then planned the site’s navigation, sitemap and summaries of what each new webpage would cover for Dr. Wertin’s approval.
  • Custom site design. We then presented Dr. Wertin with our proposed design for the homepage and inner pages. It was important that the doctor felt the site design properly imparted the distinct personality of the practice, and it did.
  • Real-life images. To convey the practice’s authenticity, we steered clear of stock images and used only real-life photos of the practice, staff and patients. Here’s a section from the site’s “Specialties” page where you see one of the associate chiropractors working with a patient:
  • Custom content. While the development team worked on the design, the content team wrote the site copy based on the established messaging, voice and SEO analysis.

The Outcome:

The final result was a modern turnkey website with a built-in marketing strategy and complete SEO implementation all tailored to meet the doctor’s needs. Building the new site required little of Dr. Wertin’s time and attention; thus he was free to continue treating patients and oversee his busy practice.

With the practice’s new brand story video as the finishing touch, the new site accomplished its aim: to immediately and fittingly introduce prospective patients to Dr. Wertin’s singular approach and results.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Website?

If you feel your website is too generic, fails to tell your brand story or rarely generates any new business, reach out. We can tell your company story so that it resonates with prospects and creates interest in your products and services through custom design, high-end content and video marketing. Just give us a call at (314) 690-1575 or use the Contact Us page of our website. We’d be happy to help.