Developing a Cutting-Edge Website for a Cutting-Edge Dental Practice

Based in Zanesville, Ohio, Sulens Dental Studio is an upscale general dentistry practice owned and operated by Mike Sulens, DDS, and his wife Nancy. The couple weren’t happy with their outdated website and approached Uplift Marketing for a solution.

Replacing an Outdated Dental Website 

Back in 2013, when the site was first developed, it adequately served its purpose: to establish an online identity for the new practice. 

As the practice grew, however, so did its brand, culminating in a ground-up remodeling of the practice, inside and out. Once a routine dental office, the Sulenses transformed their premises into a stunning state-of-the-art facility with a black and white exterior and striking geometric shapes with bold colors for the interior. Check out the gorgeous new reception area below:

Thrilled with their new offices and a contemporary new logo, the couple approached Uplift Marketing for help. Their goal? To have a modern, high-end site that appropriately showcased their brand. We wanted to help. 

Our Process: Custom Content, Web Design and Development

Uplift Marketing recommended a tailor-made premium website with custom content and innovative design to convey the Sulens’ inimitable brand. 

The Uplift team launched the project with in-depth interviews of both Nancy and Dr. Mike to fully appreciate their vision and goals. With all the information to hand, we were ready to dive into the creative process. 

1. Innovative Website Design Tailored to the Client’s Brand

Our design team went to work creating a series of custom mockups with a contemporary design for the website’s theme and presented them to the Sulenses. The idea was to  highlight elements of the practice’s remodeling within the fabric of the website itself. To accomplish this, the final site design included: 

  • Diagonally shaped panels that mirrored the practice’s angular interior design and zigzag carpet motif, as you can see in this “Patient Experience” section of the homepage:
  • Bold colors corresponding to the office color scheme, such as the bright purple in this homepage panel which matches the purple on the wall behind the front desk:
  • Real-life photos of staff, patients and the workplace to impart the personality of the practice, like this one of Dr. Mike treating a patient while “Dwight,” the practice therapy dog, provides moral support:
  • Parallax scrolling to heighten the cutting-edge feel of the practice

When complete, we had a site design that seamlessly integrated with the brand elements of the practice itself. 

2. Custom Website Content with Built-In SEO

As the design team worked on the site theme, our content creation team set about planning the new site’s navigation and sitemap and formulating what content would be created for each section of the site. To ensure we gathered all the necessary details, we conducted further interviews with Nancy.  

We then created the custom content in the Sulens’ voice to deliver their message. To ensure the site ranked well, we also incorporated the results of an SEO analysis into the site structure and content.

The Outcome: A Gorgeous Website for a Gorgeous Brand

Working closely with the Sulenses every step of the way, our content and design came together into a site as beautiful and cutting-edge as the practice itself. 

Throughout the project, the Uplift team was determined to stay true to the Sulens’ vision. We knew we had accomplished that when the site was completed and Nancy Sulens told us: “We are beyond excited for the site to be live! It is truly beautiful and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Need Help with Your Website?

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