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The 5 Pillars of Marketing: What Every Business Needs to Know

There are so many different types of marketing out there, it can be difficult for a private practice owner or for a business owner to even know where to start. As a business owner, once you’ve established your goals for your company’s growth and once you know your target audience (your primary prospect, or the […]

Developing a Cutting-Edge Website for a Cutting-Edge Dental Practice

Based in Zanesville, Ohio, Sulens Dental Studio is an upscale general dentistry practice owned and operated by Mike Sulens, DDS, and his wife Nancy. The couple weren’t happy with their outdated website and approached Uplift Marketing for a solution. Replacing an Outdated Dental Website  Back in 2013, when the site was first developed, it adequately […]

VIDEO: Marketing Strategy for Business Owners—Where to Start?

Sometimes, business owners have a tough time with their marketing. They just don’t know where to start. There are so many people giving them advice—and so many different marketing options—that when they really dive in and try to do it right, it can be a bit overwhelming. What are the key things you need to […]