How to Make Your Practice a “Thought Leader” with Content Marketing

One of the most important types of marketing for any pediatric private practice is content marketing. What do we mean when we say content marketing? We mean sharing information and educating people so that they know that you are the authority in your area. You give them information that helps them so that they refer others to you because in their eyes, you’re a thought leader. It’s how you make people a part of your tribe or a part of your community, and they follow you because you’re their person.

Why Is Content Marketing Important for Private Practices?

Content marketing is at the core of a really great marketing strategy for pediatric private practices. Having an excellent blog, a great email newsletter, good video content, and good educational content helps people bridge that education gap in your field. It helps parents understand what’s going on and encourages people in your community to go to you for help.

When you’re thinking about marketing for your pediatric private practice, content marketing should be at the top of your priorities because that builds a strong base that everything else is built on top of.

The Best Types of Content Marketing for Pediatric Private Practices

Let’s talk about the different types of content marketing you can do for a pediatric private practice.

Blog Articles

When we talk about a blog, we don’t just mean some cheesy article that somebody put up on your website that’s not very helpful. We mean a really well-thought-out, helpful communication from the practice to parents. And you don’t just put it on the website. You then turn that into a newsletter that you can send out every two weeks with your blog post as the feature article.

When you do that, you’re not annoying people with sales content. What you’re actually doing is sharing valuable information that makes the people who receive it go, “Wow, thank you.” They might even end up waiting for your newsletter to come or be happy when it does because it’s something that’s actually valuable to them, that ideally spoke to them or solved a problem for them.


The next step is to record videos. For example, this blog you’re reading right now started as a video. Videos are a hundred percent valuable to people because you’re actually answering their questions. You’re taking the time to share your knowledge with them; and when they see that, they’re appreciative of it and they like you for it. Frankly, they’re grateful because you’re now solving a problem that they have.

Video content can be repurposed in a lot of ways, too. If you create a video, you can then turn that into an article like we’ve done here with ours. That video and article can then be:

  • Posted on your website
  • Distributed through your email newsletter
  • Cut up and put onto your social media platforms

When you think about video blogs (vlogs) or educational videos, think about it as just another way that you’re providing content that can help your community, your patients, and their families.


Another type of content marketing is webinars. These are kind of like event marketing, but they also serve the purpose of providing valuable content. They are especially useful if you record them because then you can use them in later marketing. You can take these webinars and can cut them up so they become part of the content you’re sharing with your community.


We touched on newsletters earlier: email newsletters should be sent out twice a month, and they should not annoy people. Your newsletter should help people. It should provide valuable content that they’re glad to have.

You can also send out hard-copy newsletters, but those are way more expensive. Typically, those can be done once a quarter and they just keep your patient base in touch with you. Even if you did a hard copy newsletter twice a year, that’s better than nothing because you’re reaching out on another channel. And again, the point is not to sell your patient base on something but to provide valuable information from your practice.

Call Uplift for Help with Content Marketing

Content marketing works well with other things like public relations. It works well with social media because it’s a way of sharing your expertise with the world. And by doing so, it makes you a thought leader in your community and the go-to practice for your discipline.

If you need help developing a content marketing strategy for your pediatric private practice, give us a call at (314) 690-1575 for a free marketing analysis.