Strategic SEO Revolutionizes Pediatric Practice’s Google Visibility by Over 400%

Sara Pereira, MS OTR/L, and Patti Rutledge, OTR/L, opened Sensational Development Occupational Therapy, PLLC with one goal: to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. Over the past 15 years, they succeeded with minimal attention to marketing. But their desire to grow their practice and boost profitability made them realize that they needed to focus on marketing to continue helping their community.

The issue? They had no idea where to start. That’s why Sara and Patti reached out to Uplift Marketing for help with developing a strategic marketing plan for their practice.

Google Visibility Increased by Over 400% in 3 Months

By working closely with Sara and Patti, our team created a premium website that truly represents Sensational Development’s passion for their work.

As for the search engine optimization (SEO), both practice locations have increased their average search engine rank positions. One key metric we tracked was share of local voice, which is essentially how visible a brand is in their local market compared to its competition. If your share of local voice is 25%, that means you’ll only show up in the top three Google search results 25% of the time—in other words, you’re invisible online.

As you can see in the below graph, our SEO optimizations resulted in a 77% increase in Sensational Development’s online visibility in Massapequa, NY and an outstanding 428% increase in its online visibility in East Northport, NY:

How Did We Achieve This Level of Growth?

If you want to figure out how to improve something, first you need to understand its present condition. That’s why Uplift Marketing did a comprehensive analysis to determine how best to help Sara and Patti achieve higher visibility online.

We took a deep dive into all aspects of Sensational Development’s website, online presence, recruitment campaign, and company metrics. Once we had the data, it was clear what needed to be done to help revitalize this practice.

The Strategy: A Premium Website and Expert SEO

The basic challenge for this practice was that marketing fundamentals were not in place. Without those fundamentals, any marketing Sara and Patti tried to do would be putting the cart before the horse.

We needed to put the basics in place to support Sensational Development’s long-term growth and viability. So we started with the foundation of all their marketing efforts: a gorgeous, well-built website. Then we reinforced that foundation with expert SEO to ensure online visibility.

Step 1: Building a Strong Foundation with a Showcase Website

Our design team built the new website from the ground up with expert marketing strategy and SEO built in. The idea was to create a central hub to support all of Sara’s and Patti’s digital marketing efforts. 

Not only did we create a modern new website design that established the Sensational Development brand, but we incorporated key SEO elements to ensure that the new site would rank high in the organic search results for their local area. This involved following a detailed 52-point checklist of SEO best practices to optimize every aspect of the new website for long-term growth and success. 

After the new website went live, Sara told us: “Our new website is beautiful. It looks professional and fun, welcoming families and potential staff alike.”

Step 2: Reinforcing That Foundation with Expert SEO

While the website was being built, our SEO team got to work optimizing Sensational Development’s online presence to ensure the practice would rank high in local search results. To achieve this, we did the following:

  • Fully optimized each clinic location’s Google Business profile.
  • Created and published approximately 8,000 words of content for Google Business posts.
  • Added Frequently Asked Questions to both the Google Business profiles.
  • Created approximately 10,000 words of additional content for the website following SEO best practices.
  • Completed all standard profile optimizations to the practice’s Facebook page.

The Result? SEO Visibility Increased by 400%

These key optimizations skyrocketed Sensational Development’s online visibility. Before, this practice was essentially invisible online. Their Massapequa location only showed up in the top three Google search results 45% of the time, and their East Northport location showed up only 14% of the time.

With expert marketing and SEO strategy, we got these two locations to show up in the top three search results 80% and 75% of the time, respectively. In today’s digital landscape, online visibility can be the make-or-break point for any business. This dramatic increase in visibility is a testament to the effectiveness of having an expert marketing strategy to support your growth.

Need Help with Your Marketing Strategy?

In the end, this is what Sara had to say about her experience working with Uplift Marketing:

“From the first call through our monthly updates, Uplift’s staff have been wonderful… I think having a marketing professional is so helpful in getting established [online]. They are able to identify things that need to be improved upon and do so in a professional way… We have seen great growth in our Google Business profiles and an uptick at our second location now that we finally have a proper GBP for it.”

If you need help figuring out where you should focus your marketing efforts to support your company’s goals, reach out. We provide custom site design, high-end content, intelligent use of SEO, and expert strategies tailored to your vision. Give us a call at (314) 690-1575 or use the Contact Us page of our website. We’d be happy to help.