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Marketing is about message. You have to truly resonate with your audience. You have to “connect.”

Whether you’re sending out postcards, building a website or using social media, the purpose is to tell people who you are and what you do. The purpose is to communicate.

It can be a challenge to truly “register” in the minds of consumers. With thousands of competitors, how does a company stand out? How do they get noticed?

This is the subject of branding and messaging.

Branding sets a company apart by creating a “personality” unique to itself. Branding develops a distinct identity so people will recognize and remember you.

All your marketing should align and convey a single message: your brand. This includes your logo, your graphic design, your website and everything else that makes up your image.

What should your message be? What image you should be conveying? Is your current marketing really getting this message across to your audience?

At Uplift, we’re branding experts. We analyze your company’s culture, history and identity to help bring out an image that is uniquely yours.

Our branding services include:

1. Branding Research & Analysis

We determine the proper positioning, messaging and brand that your company should be conveying to its audience. We do this by researching everything that is uniquely you—by getting at the heart of what makes your company “tick” and bringing out the true essence of its personality.

2. Logo Creation

A logo defines a company. It’s the vanguard of your company’s image. To us, the logo creation process is about distilling the essence of your company’s mission, ideals, emotions and goals—and then crafting a beautiful design which instantly evokes these in the minds of your audience

3. Graphic Design Standards

Branding requires a unified message. You need similar fonts, colors and design elements across all your marketing materials. To do this, we establish “Graphic Design Standards” for your company. This defines which fonts, colors and designs should be used to reflect your company’s brand and corporate identity.

4. Branding & Messaging Statement

As your company grows, more and more people will be speaking on your behalf. They will create marketing materials, write blogs and send out mailings. A Branding & Messaging Statement is vital to ensure that everyone understands the “voice” and style that fits your brand. Our Branding & Messaging Statements define your brand and message in terms other people can follow, so that you have a single “voice” for your company across all marketing channels.

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